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I explore unusual views trying to find tuning or harmony with living creatures other than myself. 

OLEOAGUA, 2015 and CRISOLES, 2019 are recent developments of my tuning explorations, but I started looking for creature's viewpoint when I was a girl and used to go fishing with my father in the Caño Nare, an affluent of the Meta river'. At that time, I imagined being the small fish that enters a trap-glass-bottle but remembers the way out, so it never gets cut to be food for bigger fish. 

This videoclip is the registry of the first time that I had the certainty of being in the consciousness of a fish, as you could probably ascertain if you have the patience to watch the entire clip (1'48").

pez ojón
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Being in someone else's feet
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With my work I refer to critical aspects of human use of the resources we share with other species on the planet.

I work on problems related to perception and scale, and also refer to the tension and the unfairness that I encounter in the relationships between humans and all other species. 

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If I were a bird, I would be a hummingbird, a restless one, traveling from flower to flower. I could not have been a woodpecker who repeatedly hits the same stick, as I could not attach myself to a lawyer's desk.


I have integrated into my practice as a working method; it consists of a physical displacement to different places for periods of time, but it is also the inner mobilization of consciousness that happens during exploratory work in my studio, without the need for physical displacement.

A way to problem solving

I like making things with my hands and other tools. I am convinced that an aesthetics and sensorial approach to today's problems is positive and necessary.


"No need to hurry, no need to sparkle, no need to be anyone but oneself". This phrase appears in almost all my notebooks. I don’t know who said it first, but thank you! 

it has certainly been useful.



In my practice I use diverse objects and media to build installations or individual pieces using photography, painting, video, and drawing in multiple formats and materials.

I am a Colombian and Swiss citizen, currently living in Bogotá.

I have a master’s degree in Art, Electronics and Time-Media (University of Los Andes, 2019), and a LLM (University of Virginia, 2000). I also have a JD (University Javeriana, 1992), and studies in History and Appreciation of Art (Piedmont Community College, Charlottesville) and Painting (The Glassell School of Art of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts).


I have been a resident artist in AIRIE.org (Everglades National Park, US, 2018) and LABVERDE (Manaus, 2016).

Since 2016 I collaborate as member of the BOD of AmazonAid.org, an NGO dedicated to educating and activating global awareness to preserve the Amazonian rainforest through the magic of music, film, and multimedia. Recently I was invited to collaborate as a mentor in "STEAM Girls," an amazing program runned by MALOKA (Bogota’s Science Museum) and MINTIC (Colombian Ministry for Communications and Information Technologies) aimed to develop S.T.E.A.M skills in girls 12 to 15 years old. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this.


You can write to me: 

Representing galleries contact info: 
Bogotá   https://www.la-galeria.com.co

St. Louis, MO, US   http://www.atriumgallery.net