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La huerta, 2018

Intervention in the Cuervo Urisarri House, (La Candelaria, Bogotá) with the collective Arte y su Espacio, within the context of the exhibition Dos por Uno -Parejas de retratos en Colombia.

In the middle of the plot where today lies a fountain installed in 2012, there was an orchard in the house inhabited by Rufino Cuervo Barreto and María Francisca Urisarri Tordecillas. I intended to conceptually subtract the fountain from the space by putting it in a kind of glass urn, to evoke in drawing that orchard, which occasionally motivated threads of epistolar communication between the aforementioned husband and wife, since Cuervo Barreto remained on the old continent most of the time. The correspondence between them gives an account of the shipment of seeds and the instructions for planting them.


Ortega describes the orchards in Santafé houses in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century as follows: "it is almost covered with mauve, nettle and lenguevaca and some furrows of vegetables and onions next to the flowered chamomile, the aromatic yerbabuena, the turmas and the pollen; in the corral of the chickens the chisguas to dress tamales, a cherry tree full of churrusco and the walls covered by a climbing churumo and a granadanine." (Ortega, 1990)

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