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Crisoles, 2019



Short Story


Additional Info

Three simultaneously played videos projected onto satellite dishes.

Each satellite dish measures 1,20 meters (equivalent approximately to 4 ft. diameter). Atmospheric synchronies alternating with moments of independent narrative, controlled by an app developed for the installation. This app controls the loops and simultaneity, so that the three projections interact among them, giving the spectator moments of synchrony and an interesting immersive experience.  Loop duration 4'12".


The fact that the screens are circular and that they present unexpected points of view gives the viewer an interesting play, such as the the horizon line moving unexpectedly.

Quadraphonic surround sound.

Minimum requirements of the exhibition room:  8 meters x 8 meters x 3.50 meters (height), which are equivalent to 26 ft x 26 ft x 11ft (minimum height).





This installation started the night I arrived to the Everglades National Park on July 1st, 2018, as an artist in residence of the AIRIE program. It was Sunday, it was late so there were no employees, and I had to find the key to the apartment in an agreed upon place. The sound of so many insects and nocturnal creatures was the first thing that struck me when I got out off the car. 


Initially I was afraid, but soon I became another inhabitant, a creature within the preserve, a minuscule part belonging to it all. During the entire month that I spent at the preserve I barely spoke to anyone. I had the feeling -which always stayed with me- that all my senses were especially alert with increased perception. Maybe this was because I am not used to hearing so much noise of grasshoppers and flying insects daily, nor feeling drops of sweat dripping non-stop all over my body; nor perceiving colors so bright, because the July sun in Florida is different from the sun anytime in Bogotá, or in general, because the landscape was completely new to me. 


When I returned to the apartment after my first day at the preserve, I wrote in my notebook: "I want things happening all the time, I want to look at unusual places, like the floor, the ceiling, or the sky. I want the sounds also to come out from unusual places, like from below. I want to feel that the floor speaks. I do not want a linear story”. CRISOLES completely fulfills this wish. 



There are four core concepts gravitating in this project: tuning, membrane, viewpoint and superficial tension. My thoughts on these matters and the way those concepts inter-played in this project are discussed in my Crisoles book (see below).






CRISOLES was completed and presented to the public for the first time in May 2019 at the University of Los Andes, Bogotá. It is my graduation project from the Masters in Fine, Electronic and Time Media Arts. I am grateful to Juan Fernando Herrán, who accompanied my process as tutor of the masters degree, and also grateful to Alejandro Gómez, David Peña, Carmen Gil Vrolijk, and Diego Alberto Valencia. 


CRISOLES was exhibited at LA Galería arte contemporáneo, Bogotá, being part of the C O N T I N U O solo show, February /March 2020. 


CRISOLES was presented in academic forums at University of los Andes, Centro de Investigación y Creación CIC- Facultad de Artes y Humanidades, and Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Simbionte, Circuito Inter-universitario de Proyectos en Arte. It was also presented at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, as part of the talks carried on within the context of the exhibition Cuerpos por Tierra, curated by Ana María Lozano.

Funds to this projects came from many sources, including a scholarship from the Centro de Investigation y Creación, Facultad de Artes y Humanidades Universidad de los Andes, and artistic residency.


La Imprenta Editores 

Bogotá, Colombia - February, 2020

Producción editorial:

Diego Alberto Valencia

Imágenes: Blanca Botero

Languages: Spanish & English

ISBN 978-958-48-8416-9

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