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2011 - 2017   Reopened 2023 - ongoing

S E L V A N D O  encompasses several series of photographs and drawings in various materials, including graphite, mineral pigments, ink and mud recovered from Colombian and Brazilian rivers, on fabric, wood, cotton and photographic paper


Short story

The Selvando installation, as well as the various series of drawings included in this project, correspond to the exercise of a kind of mourning that happened over a period of many years, as I witnessed how the riverbanks of the Meta River (located in the Colombia's eastern planes) became large areas of rice crops and livestock breeding. Many drawings, made at different times and places, came together in a far-reaching project that I like to think as a form of mourning.



First exhibited in February, 2016 at LA Galería arte contemporáneo, Bogotá. 

Individual or groups of pieces have been shown in group shows in Bogotá and other cities. 

Selvando (mud & graphite)

Selvando (graphite)

Selvando (photography)

Selvando (ink on paper)

Selvando (installation, ink on fabric)

Permanent ink drawings on cushions in various sizes, from 3 x 3m (120 x 120 in) the biggest, to 150 x 150 cm (60 x 60 in) the smallest.


We had fun!

Selvando (ink on paper II)

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