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Installation, 2022

This work brings an oasis into the gallery’s white cube. My intention is to present Tinerhir, an oasis where I learned some of the ways in which local people share scarce resources in respectful manners and use regenerative agriculture and farming methods like their ancestors did. Tinerhir is representative of other oases that exist in a region located at the extreme North-West of Africa, south of the Atlas Mountains, near the entrance to the Sahara Desert when traveling from Morocco to Algeria; here some forms of life are menaced by the sand’s advancement on a movement that already erased many oases.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-24 a la(s) 9.13.29 p. m..png

Puzzle. Photographic composition, 2022


Untitled. Tool, 2022

After physically traveling, I kept exploring the region with the satellite, plane, drone, or bird’s eyes available to me thanks to Google Earth. On my technological trip from Asif Ounila to the Ziz valley, I searched for as many births of rivers as I could find on that portion of the Atlas Mountains, to find 17 oases; then I followed each river’s path towards its dead, since none of those rivers reach any sea or ocean, they die by drought.

17 oases.png

17 Oases. Photographic composition, 2022

Captura de Pantalla 2023-02-24 a la(s) 9.57.25 p. m..png
Oasis-el camino de Nordine de Blanca Botero-030

Oasis-el camino de Nordine de Blanca Botero-030

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