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Casatierra, 2015



Short story


Additional Info

30 hand-blown recycled-glass houses.

Measures: 25 cm x 24 cm x 18 cm (height)

Iron bases. Variable heights.






In December 2001 I unwillingly and unexpectedly started explorations to understand what it really means to have and lose a homeAfter years, CASATIERRA emerged as one of the many answers to that question. 





Where is home? I've always thought that "home" is located in the hottest part of the house, say the kitchen, the sofa or the bed. Home happens, as it is not a physical place, but a series of actions and relationships; a notion more akin to a verb than to a noun, and I also suspect that it is more pluralistic than singular.  If it necessarily required a precise place, it would be wherever we are or whatever we do. Whatever we do wherever we are leaves traces, thus incorporating the plural. If home were one singular place, there would be no one to leave a mark on, no one to discover, follow, delete, collect, suffer, and more. A handcrafted recycled and blown glass house has become the way I refer to Earth as the only possible home for humans. 

B.B. December, 2015



First exhibited in February, 2016 at LA Galería arte contemporáneo, Bogotá. 

Individual or groups of pieces have been shown in group shows in Bogotá and Medellín. 

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