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Completud, 2017



Video (2'22") in loop and sphere (65 cm diameter) in hand-blown glass​     

Seeds that fly with the wind in spring are picked up on a background composed of trees, which are located on the edge of the road. When de-saturating the video image, the seeds are snowflakes that fly in a winter landscape, completing a cycle that repeats indefinitely. A glass sphere is the shape of experiencing an instant of completeness, where all points on the surface are equidistant from the inner point.

This work results from an invitation that I received to think about richness. To me, richness is a kind of COMPLETEDNESS, the feeling of being complete.


If completeness were a shape, it would be a sphere.

First time exhibited: LA RIQUEZA - Exposición colectiva en LA galería arte contemporáneo, 2017

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