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Intervalo, 2023



Short Story

Additional Info

The installation includes a concave mirror, a photography printed on Back light film attached to the ceiling, and backlight. The elements are arranged in a room contained by three walls painted in deep black.


During the months of pandemic, I spent many hours immersed in my garden's particular universe, exploring without schedule, until my rhythm was in step with the plant's slow time. I became a cyborg composed of my body, my thoughts and sensations, and my devices: computer, camera, magnifying glass, microscope, WIFI, fiber optics, and the interoceanic cable, through which I accessed images and content from telescopes, microscopes, and satellite stations around the world. Paradoxically, the disconnection from pandemic confinement turned out to be the connection with remote places and scales. I felt like was a traveling device.


I N T E R V A L O has to do with discovering the stars at the bottom of the swamp, with the indescribable sound of Enceladus, with erasing the border between the ciliated paramecium and the chlorella algae it keeps within itself; with imagining, from abstractions based on mathematical calculations, the mandalas that are drawn in space when illustrating the trajectories of Earth and Mars around the Sun; with travels on scales other than human while a virus locked up the entire species in 2020.  

When this piece was on show at a Gallery, I observed that people would pull their cellular out and start filming the images reflected on the mirror.  It amazes me to realize that this piece invited viewers to play with their mobile phone just as I did, this made me feel that each one of them completed the intervalo their own way.



First time exhibited: Casa Zirio Gallery, Bogotá, April/May 2023. COURAGE group show curated by María Elvira Ardila.

Measurements of the exhibition space in Casa Zirio Gallery (April / May 2023)

Height 215 cm / Width 125 cm / Depth 171 cm


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