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Sahara Marte

Installation, 2022


In Sahara Marte is an installation of 15 light boxes arranged in pairs, where one of the photos of each couple was taken in the Sahara (by me or it is a screenshot from Google Earth) and the other one is a  screenshot from the NASA web page (photos originally published in March of 2022). For more info about the NASA photos and credits, follow this   

Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-27 a la(s) 1.11.17 p. m..png

Mediated by technology and information, we move throughout previously unsuspected scales, and we are interconnected in ways that make it impossible not so be. Prey to the immediate, I feel I am a piece of an entanglement to which I am plugged in, with no option to opt out; in this context, I perceive myself as an informational being who devours and emits information, a "cyber-me", or cyborg made up of a living creature, plus the sum of my devices: camera, telephone, computer, data plan, cable, etc. 


If the cyber-person continues becoming more sophisticated, if our planet is no longer suitable for human life as it is today, or if other individuals of my species come up with ways to survive off-planet as in fictional series, I will not be there; when in thousands of years the particles that today make up my body are reconfigured into air, stone, or intermingle within the insect’s DNA, I prefer to think my future still on Earth. Should I be base soil of the bushes in a future garden, then, wet, I will yield to the force of someone's steps; then dry, I will rise with the wind. 

First time exhibited: June 2022 

LA galería arte contemporáneo,

solo show OASIS - el camino de Nordine 

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