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Caligrafías del pantano

In a body of water such as a lake, sunlight penetrates the surface membrane to certain depths depending on several factors.  Here I explore that strip that intensely receives light, located a few centimeters above and below the surface of the water, where a stilt, a lizard, a toad, certain fish and other creatures exist.

This project started on 2018 and it is still ongoing. To see this work, please write directly to me: 

Series of drawings 

Ink on paper, stone-cardboard and glass

Series of photographs 


Objects & Buildings - Glass and Wire

Variable measurements and supports

Captura de Pantalla 2021-11-19 a la(s) 12.55.15 p. m._edited.jpg

Primeras membranas - large scale explorations. Acrylic ink on cotton paper 


Membranas - Glass, wire + ink drawings. 

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