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Nuevas raíces, 2018

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Fragmentos de Nuevas raíces, 2018


Short story


Additional Info

Installation includes two pieces: one is a composition of seven oil bits on a reticula of drawings on fibrocemento panels; the other piece is a series of 5 drawing on squares of fibrocemento, in mixed materials including paint, acrylic media and diced roots.

Minimum measures of the exhibition room:  7 x 7 m. Height 2 m.



















In biology, cofia or caliptra is a conical coverage that surrounds the apex of the root and provides mechanical protection to meristematic cells when the root grows through the soil. Rooted plants have existed millions of years ago; this work refers to new growths drilling the planetary biosphere.






First exhibited at the Universidad de los Andes, June 2018


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